Sagitta Beta Reader Notes – Dec 2018

It’s almost Christmas, and it’s hard to focus on a single project However I was able to get the paperback draft copy of Sagitta put together in time for a 2018 beta read.

I wanted to write a post for the people who volunteered to pick apart my 85,000 words. First, thank you! The four alpha readers (Kirsten, Nate, Mike, and Steve) were super helpful. You guys (and girl) caught about 200 typos, numerous formatting errors, and offered some serious notes on the story. Now the beta readers won’t absolutely hate their task.

A Request for my Beta Readers

I wrote a post a while ago on what beta readers can look for. If you have the time, please read it here. If not, I’ll summarize.

Please comment on anything and everything. Don’t be afraid to tell me where I completely phoned it in (and also where I did well…there must be some of that somewhere!) If you’re comfortable writing in the book, do so. Or just put comments right after this blog post. I really want to know what you think of the characters. Who do you like (or whom do you like, for you grammar kids). Who do you relate to? Which ones are boring, and why? Are they believable?

Also let me know the places where the text is confusing or boring. If you find yourself skimming or wanting to put the book down, note it. And lastly, let’s kill those typos. There’s nothing like a good tem instead of them to murder the immersion.

Thanks for the help!



P.S. For all you engineers, let me know when I get my science wrong. Sagitta isn’t a hard sci-fi book, but I do want basic concepts to be accurate (centripetal acceleration, force = mass*acceleration, etc).

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