Hrain Update #2

Trying to write a novel in a month is hard! Out of my 40,000 word goal, I’m at 27,000 words, and there’s only six days left in the month. To complicate things, my family’s been sick with colds, and the day job has been exhausting. I’m not giving up, but it doesn’t look good!

For those just tuning in, I’m trying to write a tie-in novel to go along with my first book in the StarFighter series. This story, Hrain, fleshes out one of the interesting side characters, someone who admittedly didn’t get enough air time in Sagitta. I thought it would be easy to write, since it’s a single-viewpoint, first-person story.

But, it’s turned out to be more complicated than I thought. Now, I’m worried that even if I hit the 40,000 word target, the story won’t be complete. So, no promises about it being done by the end of November.

This’ll teach me to pick such a short month…


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