I got A review! Now, how do I get more?

Hooray! Two weeks after publishing my science fiction novel Sagitta on Amazon, I got a review! And, it’s a good one…from someone I don’t know.

Sagitta Review
Sagitta 5-Star Review!

Thanks H Brown, whoever you are. Reviews are incredibly important in self-publishing, because new self-published authors start out with zero street credit. A review like this gives me that first scrap of credit, and suggests to potential buyers that a story is worth the investment of their time and money. Since Amazon doesn’t allow reviews from family & friends, I purposely didn’t even tell most of them that I’d written a book. I asked my beta readers not to provide reviews for that same reason…I wanted outside validation. And it feels great to get it.

Getting outside feedback like this is awesome. It took about 20 sales to get this one review, which is actually a good ratio from what I’ve read. Some sites suggest it takes 100 sales to get one review. I hope to get lots more of course, but I’m only selling 1-2 copies a day so it will take a while. So, if you happen to have read my book, I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to let me know what you think. Even if you didn’t like it, the feedback really helps.

If you like science-fiction space opera (think Star Wars, or Star Trek) and are willing to help by reviewing my book, please leave me a comment! I will ship you a free copy of Sagitta if you’ll agree to review it (no requirement that you leave a good review).

Sagitta Landing Picture
Sagitta Product Page



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