May Status Update

This will just be a quick one…basically there’s been so much going on that I have hardly had time to write. From getting my 4-year-old ready for school (preschool evaluations, etc) to my wife’s grandmother passing away, to constant car problems, we have been flat out.

Sometimes this happens…the thing is to not give up. I have been able to squeeze in a bit of writing every week, just to keep things moving. I’m happy to say I’ve hit 40,000 words on Hrain. But, there’s a new problem…I’ve hit my word count target for a novella, but the story’s only half finished! It turns out Hrain is a much more interesting character than I thought, and I need to write a longer work to do him justice.

It will still be done this year (I promise…I think). But, it won’t be done any time soon (sadness).

In the meantime, Sagitta is doing better than I ever expected. It’s actually selling, for one, which is surreal. It’s getting reviews as well (9 reviews with a 3.9/5 average on Amazon, and 12 reviews with a 4.75/5 average on Goodreads as of the writing of this article). So, yay! For those of you who have bought my book, thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me to finally have my dream take off.

Please feel free to leave a review of Sagitta (good or bad) on either Amazon or Goodreads. I’m really looking for honest reviews…if something didn’t work for you, let me know what it was and why! And for those of you interested in picking up the book for free, I’ll be officially launching it in June. During the first week, it will be a free Kindle download. I’ll post a launch article here before that happens.

Thanks again for stopping by. I’ll have a more official Hrain update soon, so please stay tuned.


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