Hrain is Finished! (Quick Post)

Hrain Cover Small
Cover Art by mmrainey


Sorry I haven’t written anything on here for so long. It’s been a busy year (we had another kid). Still, I didn’t give up, and I’m glad I was able to deliver a novel in 2019 (my original goal was to write this thing in a month. Hahahahaha yeah right…)

Hrian is a standalone companion novel to Sagitta. It started out as a short story, based on feedback from my beta readers that my rogue alien telepath was too interesting and deserved his own plot art. That short story turned into a novella, and finally into this novel. I really enjoyed writing it, and I am glad I took a bit of a detour to flesh out my favorite Maurian.

Hrain is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats (hyperlinks will be appearing shortly…right now it is still getting indexed on Amazon’s website).

I’d love to hear what you think of this side-story, so feel free to leave a comment on here, or reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Once again I owe a big thank-you to all the beta readers, and my brother Nate for his editing prowess.

Now, on to writing StarFighter Book #2! The goal is to get this one in print by July 2020 🙂



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