Hrain Updates, Chronicles Art, & More

Just a few updates today. The big news is I’ve been silently revising Hrain, based on the valuable feedback from the first wave of readers. The overarching story remains the same, but there’s now extra detail leading up to Angel’s “birth”, plus a 100-page expansion of the ending. That’s a lengthy change, but the conclusion is much more satisfying now. Things that were previously just hinted at or summarized in dialogue are shown through a series of action chapters. For anyone who has read the first version and has the patience to read it again, I’d be interested in knowing what you think. So far, the Kindle Edition has been updated, and I’m working on porting the changes over to the paperback.

In other news, Chronicles is up to 20 chapters and counting, and people seem to like it. I’ve also got some awesome artwork (thanks Jefferson Coniaris). This really helps spice up the site.

Firefly Art 1

Finally, I’ve started drafting the plot outline for StarFighter Part II (Seeker). Maybe I’ll get lucky and finish this book before the end of the year, although no one should hold their breath on this one…

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