2021 Quick Update

Well that was fun (not). 2020 was a wild ride, consisting mostly of hiding indoors, teleworking, and letting the mail bake on the porch. I didn’t get as much writing of new material done as I would have liked, but overall the experience of editing both Sagitta and Hrain live (thanks to Royal Road) was well worth it. Both books received extensive comments and reviews, for which I am thankful.

The latest version of Sagitta (revision 3.9 for those keeping track) is doing well. As with the previous 0.9 revisions since official publication, all the changes were minor–mostly stamping out typos and a few tiny consistency edits. It’s still the same # of pages as last time. I put it back on Amazon exclusively last week and launched a free promotion, and as of right now it’s the #1 book in the teen/young adult Sci-Fi category! It’s just the free lists, and success here is short lived, but it’s nice to see that it can rise to the top for a fleeting moment.

Hopefully the 300+ downloads from this week will help jump-start things. However, I know the only true way to get this rolling is to get book #2 of StarFighter released.

I’ll have a more detailed progress report of that in a little while. Thanks for stopping by.


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